Learn How SEO Copywriting Can Help You Rank Better

More than just interesting to a prospective audience, also relevant to the search engines too, SEO copywriting, also known as copywriting for the major search engines, is critical in planning your web content writing. It’s also often called ‘search engine copywriting’. What are the benefits in using the SEO copywriting technique? It’s to rank high for your chosen keywords and then convert the traffic by offering the visitors valuable content. Many people confuse this to be some kind of a technical method to manipulate the search engines. SEO copywriting is a way of creating a win-win situation; the art of creating quality content that provides the best value for the reader.

Mastering SEO Copywriting

Mastering SEO copywriting gives you the power to rank highly with your targeted keywords and maintain that rank for a long time; a valuable skill for internet marketing. Being honest and upfront with the information you send out builds trust between you and your visitor and ensures that you are not seen as someone who is just trying to fool the search engine system. In this article, we will be discussing a few SEO copywriting tips that can help you get started.

First of all, when you’re optimizing your web page for the search engines, you need to ensure that your targeted key phrase is mentioned in the title, description, and in tags. Perhaps you could even go one step further, and follow suggestions from some businesses that insist it’s also better to have your keyword in the domain name, too. Honestly, plenty of websites do quite nicely regardless of this extra step, though. What is important is the placement of your keywords in your content because this will determine your search engine rankings. Just be careful that you don’t use too many keywords or you will make things far too difficult for yourself. Don’t have more than 3 primary keywords and keep the keyword density between 3-5%. Initial market research is a vital component of your marketing since getting the attention of search engines takes some work. Carefully select your three keywords before you even begin your copywriting; this will help you to plan and write all of your content.

Keyword Use

So it’s not just the search engines that you need to focus on, you also have to keep an on how your copy is written. Copy that fails to keep your visitors on your site won’t bring you any new sales, no matter how great your keywords may be. Quality is as if not more important than your keyword quantity; you want your customers to buy from you, after all. Make sure that it’s interesting and easy to read, and delivers what the title promises. When you sit down to write your copy, your readers should be at the forefront of your efforts, not the search engines, even though you will be using keywords designed to draw the attention of the search engines. The function of search engines is not only to bring relevant results to searchers but also the highest quality of the bunch. This is why spamming your pages full of your keywords won’t work; the search engines will only ignore your website.

Last but not the least; avoid one of the most common mistakes of SEO copywriting, which is excessive use of your keywords. The rule is that good keyword density will provoke the results you’re after. This is the prevailing wisdom. But when you overdo this, your content loses that authentic touch and becomes hard to read. Also, you don’t want your hand slapped by the search engines for spamming. You have enough business headaches without incurring penalties.

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